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TENTRR: Find the Fireflies

Role: Associate Creative Director

THE BRIEF: Tentrr requested we create a magical, immersive experience for Soho House members


THE EVENT: We put 150 New Yorkers on unmarked buses jetting into unknown territories -- with the only instruction being to "find the fireflies" and discover Tentrr. The only information our guests had was a vague event invitation, as well as a small graphic novel with accompanying podcast to set the mood and explain the story. 


When they arrived at the beautiful 200-acre farm (with a stop at a beautiful creamery along the way!) they were met by their host, Brynn, and a whole array of fortune-tellers, musicians, and performers. They made their way through 3 bespoke Tentrr campsites and finally arrived at a large party complete with music, a bonfire, and a firefly dance on the hilltop. Beats from the DJ bumped until nightfall, as our guests slowly started to trickle away, back to the grind in NYC.

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